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Media Training for TV Personalities

When TV personalities are booked on national talk shows, they have to tell their story succinctly and with flair. In this customized session, we do individual, mock, on-camera interviews with groups of two or more (up to 8 in a day, 2 to 4 in a half-day) to get them up to speed. We’ve trained chefs and restaurant owners, snake handlers, alligator catchers, decorators, doctors and celebrity bikers. We make it interactive, fun, and productive.

Example: Two TV reality show personalities were booked on “The Tonight Show”. It was their first time on national TV. They needed help overcoming nervousness, telling the best part of their story, and knowing when and how to use humor. We trained them in rural Texas where they lived and worked. They did such a good job on “The Tonight Show” that they were asked back numerous times.

Media Training for Executives

This fast-paced, one-on-one session helps top executives gain confidence, deliver the message in any media, and answer the tough questions effectively. We do mock, on-camera interviews and give candid, constructive feedback. Sessions are customized for each client.

Example: A CEO was scheduled to be interviewed on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” He was resistant to being coached, but soon saw that our well-researched questions were taking him down a dangerous path: he talked about layoffs before any announcements had been made internally. His PR team looked understandably nervous. He also swiveled constantly in his swivel chair. In just two hours with us, he learned how to deflect the tough questions, stick to the message about the upcoming merger, and sit still. He aced the interview and thanked us the next day.