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Gillian Renault

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Gillian launched RCI's training programs in 1999 and has coached clients as diverse as C-suite executives, TV reality stars, sales teams and healthcare professionals. She and her team have conducted trainings from Los Angeles to New York, Paris to Sao Paulo, Brazil and even Romance, Arkansas. Her clients have aced interviews on the TV morning shows, “The Tonight Show” and local news; The New York Times, trade publications and national magazines. She’s coached clients for national press conferences and corporate events.

She’s helped executives streamline their Powerpoint presentations and given them the confidence they need to present them effectively. She’s given them tips on handling challenging Q and A sessions. Clients value her 30+ years of experience, her creative and strategic thinking, professionalism and results-oriented approach.

Gillian's has led national communications teams at NBC, E! Entertainment Television and the Travel Channel. She handled the publicity for “Entertainment Tonight” and the Hallmark Hall of Fame. She started her career as a journalist and broadcaster in Los Angeles, writing for the Herald Examiner, Los Angeles Magazine, California Magazine, and reporting for the local National Public Radio affiliate.